Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers - Your Dream Horse Is Waiting For You Here At Cedar Brook Ridge!

A Fire of DAF                                             AHR 31036-09

15 hands                                                      $7000.00

"Brody" is a 9 year old gelding that is suitable for about any age.

Mid-May video of our 6 year old grandson leading and riding Brody. He is such a nice gelding! Our grandson needs some more riding lessons and then he and Brody could be quite the team.Click here to watch
Late April walk-trot riding video of Brody in indoor arena- click here to view
Walk, trot, and canter video of Brody- click here to watch

Brittany hopped on and went straight for our front yard. This has been our only day suitable for riding outdoor. She walked a little, trotted a little and then asked for the canter. We were so pleased with both correct leads!

Picture above is Brianna riding Brody at the indoor arena. 

We had to reschedule our day to video driving due to the weather...stay tuned for videos ASAP!
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