Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers - Your Dream Horse Is Waiting For You Here At Cedar Brook Ridge!

This gelding would make a really good 4-H horse, trail or driving horse for the family to enjoy!

Norway is a larger type Haflinger with good height, depth and width. Big enough for Dad's yet gentle enough for the younger children to enjoy.


                                                                                           2004 gelding                                                  AHR 24195-04

14.1 plus hands                                                $5500.00

Walk trot video and video of the smallest girl riding him alone....click here!

Click here for driving video from late September

The previous owner wanted him to go to an auction to get a price to sell him. That's why he has glue spots on his hips. My Amish friends were hired to condition and prep him for the sale. They have known the previous owner for years. I bought this gelding because I've watched him and he is the kind of gelding that is hard to find. Nice gelding for almost anyone to ride or drive!

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