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Rex                                                $3500.00

2014 gelding                                   13.3hands

Mid-June driving video of Rex here. There's also a little clip included of him being loaded with our grandson's pony. Rex had his wolf teeth taken out today and the vet, also took blood for coggins.

Our grandsons were over for a visit and the weather was perfect to spend some time with Rex! Here's a video of Rex with the boys.

This gelding adapts so quickly to whoever is riding him. He has had some time off yet is willing to do what is asked of him. We had a severe case of insects flying around then it started sprinkling. We are doing the best we can to get info updated on the horses.

Totally pleased with Rex driving in mid May. He hadn't been hitched since October. Please watch the video and notice how relaxed he is being harnessed. Can't imagine how close Enos was to my garage, car and bicycle. I think he was confident how nice this gelding really is! Click here

Riding video of Rex being ridden at a walk and trot in April- view here

Above picture shows how consistent this gelding is even when not ridden consistently. Rex is so easy going and such a pleasure to work with.

Easy to work with around his feet. Journey is trimming some winter hair off.

Rex has a nice hip followed up with this beautiful tail. He is easy to bathe and has good ground manners, also.

Super quiet gelding that we started riding again April 23, he hadn't been ridden for a couple months. Rex was ridden and driven last fall. We have had him at the neighbor's arena a couple times during the winter, also. He was ridden by a new girl today and got along great... new videos coming real soon

Late December RIDING video here
Bathing and riding video here

Here's a little video of Kori doing some groundwork with Rex.

Kori is so excited to get to work with this guy. She showed at the Quarter Horse Congress so it took us some time for updates

Just starting riding a super nice 3 year old gelding. He is as quiet as they make geldings!

We have had 3 different 2 year old geldings in parades. Believe me it depends on the horse for sure. There are many horses so much older that I just wouldn't consider. This guy would be a candidate yet we just haven't had the time or a parade to go in.

If you've ridden or have a teenager that needs a project he would be a horse you'd be proud you could finish him by yourself

This gelding doesn't mind being alone and doesn't worry where the other horses are...he's nice!!!

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