Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers - Your Dream Horse Is Waiting For You Here At Cedar Brook Ridge!
Troy                                                                                    $3500
7 year old gelding

14 hands

Above picture was taken Oct.17

Video of Amy and Troy enjoying a nice ride in the front yard of their home,
click here

Deep chestnut color with a nice blaze

This gelding is fun to ride if you have some experience. One of the nicest cantering Haflingers that I've owned. He is currently in NE Ohio. The 14 year old girl really likes riding him. Her Dad has driven him some in October. I have some videos from earlier this summer that we need to get posted.

Middle of June, Brittany bathed Troy while I went after the grandsons.
Then we did a little desensitizing with a bike. I prefer and it is rare that our horses are lunged. Haylee lunges her horses is why I am making a statement about it. In this video he wasn't  lunged & just got on to ride click here

June 1st walk, trot, and canter video of Troy & Haylee here

He needs an intermediate rider as he has an engine that likes to go! Yet, I see some he is getting much more calm and trusting.

A customer inquired if Troy would jump so we free lunged him! View the video here

Haylee has been riding Troy a few times so her Mom took a video of them. Please check it out here. We are pleased with the way she handles Troy!

Brittany and I gave Troy  a bath in March

Check out Troy and let us know of any other videos or pictures you might want to see...we aim to please!

Brittany has been riding him here at home, also. She just said in late August, he has the nicest canter of any Haflinger she has ever ridden! That is saying something as she has been riding for me a couple of years. She was riding in the round pen and that's maybe a 50 ft circle.

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