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My husband and grandson enjoyed switching back and forth on Wendy and Jake. Wendy's rider has the red shirt. This was the family trail ride at Pine Creek.

We currently have two - 2 year olds and three - 4 year olds available for your consideration.

They are at all different levels of training.

Be sure to check out their individual pages. We're trying to update as quickly as possible.

Call or text us to discuss what you're looking for and we will help match the one that's most suitable. 

(740) 606-8431  

Trail rides, 4-H projects, shows, therapy, or dressage ... what are you looking for with your next Haflinger?

Whether you have a teenager, are an amateur, ready to downsize from a Warmblood, ready to get back in the saddle....these geldings will be ready for you soon! 






We enjoyed 4 days at The National Drive in Edinburgh, Indiana. There were people there from 15 states! We really enjoyed the seminars, our drives with Big Al (our Haflinger gelding), the good food and lots of fun. We sure hope to return for the spring drive. I highly recommend this event! 

Here are some of our horse related highlights from Summer 2023:

In June we went to Fort Worth to cheer on our oldest grandson as he earned 7th place at the IEA National Finals.

July was the county fair - our youngest grandson won his showmanship class!


And, August started with a trip to the AHR National Showcase! We took Ace (previously listed on this website) and Dillon (the Haflinger our oldest grandson has been working with). We came home with 10 class placings, including four 1st place finishes!

It was great to catch up with old friends, make new friends, and network with our fellow Haflinger lovers.


We do have a couple Haflingers that have not yet made it to this website - please call or text and I can tell you more about them. Updated info and videos are coming soon. 

Never hesitate to call or text me to discuss what you're looking for, (740) 606-8431. 

Thank you to some very special customers...

The team of registered geldings is now in NY!

Lance and his new family met up in Florida and they are so happy!

Our grandsons took 2 special geldings to the county fair (summer 2022)!

Brantley and Ty headed to the show ring

Mason and Jake did so well!

Mason and Jake won their showmanship class!

Who's ready for trail rides and drives?      We are!

One of our grandsons is taking a trail riding project in 4-H this year. We are all anxious to see the project book!

Actually we enjoyed a trail ride with our daughter and grandsons! It sure was a nice weekend! 

We have so many trail riding memories with friends.

As time permits we will add a page for each horse to provide additional information.  


Highlights of those most recently sold:

Wendy has made it to her new family in Idaho. She sure gave us some good memories. We're excited for her & her new family. 

We delivered Sonny and Fritz to Pennsylvania to be used in a therapy program. We are so very thankful for these folks calling on us for a total of 4 horses in 2021! They visited us once and have entrusted us for 3 additional purchases being sold sigh unseen. Their program is amazing! 


Dolly's new family is enjoying driving her now. 

They will now be able to get back to driving with their driving club friends! 


DUKE made his way to his new home in New Jersey!!!

Lexi is in Colorado! 


Chloe ** SOLD to California 

2009 beautiful riding mare 

14 hands


Connie and Candy  **SOLD & Delivered to Texas- we didn't even get a page created for them**

Bred mares

Candy had a really nice stud colt in February! Connie had a cute filly!


Barney and Jack  **SOLD & Flown to Alaska!!!

Driving and riding team

Drafty type

13 and 14 years old

14 and 14.1 hands

Heading to the plane...

We received compliments from the transportation staff- 

the boys were so well behaved and loaded so easily. We recently heard from the new owner....he loves the team and is anxious for us to come visit. We will!!!

Several horses have been sold before we got them posted. If you would like please subscribe to our YouTube channel, 

"Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers".

You are welcome to call or text 740.606.8431

I had mentioned to a customer that horse people make my world go 'round! That seems true more and more everyday now!


I wish I'd kept track to have an average age of our customers... couple years ago 5 customers were from 82 to 85. Honestly, I wanted to know that their children knew what their parents were buying. Everyone was on board and things have worked out well!

They went to the neighbor's indoor arena. Jake was the same sweet guy that he has always been!


Below is Jake, 4 year old Haflinger with our grandson. This is Mason's first year of 4-H. It's been 23 years since our family has participated in our local county fair.


Grandma had 2 Haflingers saved for him to work with.

Jake and our grandson

Just finished the parade with Noble & Newt - everyone was ready for the shade!

Our 2 grandsons playing with Dondi


In the above photo that I can't figure out how to edit,(our daughter does most of the website) I want to mention those are 2 year old geldings. They just finished a 4th of July parade. The team was excellent! The only thing that they noticed was a bag of rotten potatoes. They of course, smelled them and looked funny at the bag. How many 20 year old horses would we never consider for a parade? I always say it depends on the horse...age is just a number.

Candy was delivered to Minnesota

Star has a new home in Oregon  

Congratulations to the new owners of Marty and Willy! 

They are now in Minnesota and Virginia.

The new owners of Newt and Noble are real pleased in Pennsylvania!

The grandsons ponies were sold the day after they were happy 5 year old boy got JoJo for his birthday. Silver's new owner is so thrilled as well in northern Ohio. 

Rambo went to Connecticut and have said they are well pleased. 

An Ohio customer bought Sonny, Buddy and Bill...they are thrilled!

We recently delivered Barney, some harness and the covered wagon to West Virginia. The leaves were gorgeous. This customer wants a team mate in the spring!

I know I am forgetting a few Haflingers yet these are examples of some of where our Haflingers are finding their new homes!

Just when I think I am going to slow down, I have spoken to 3 people in the last 2 days each wanting a Haflinger team...that's a new record of requests! Guess I should also mention a couple other people wanting some special Haflingers for special situations. If this particular deal comes through I will post  it. I also have 2 very nice written compliments from 2 people that I've never spoken to. That's the way to start the week!

 It really amazes me how many horse people tell me they have been watching our site for a year or more. The majority of you are such wonderful people...listening to our customers and their stories really lift me up. I really enjoy staying in touch with satisfied customers as well. 

Thank you folks, I really mean it.

I welcome you to call or text me (740.606.8431) so we can discuss exactly what type of Haflinger you're looking for, your skill level, the budget you have in mind, and ultimately the goals you have for you and your Haflinger. I will jot down some notes to keep you in mind as I am evaluating some new Haflingers soon!

In one week I was contacted by 2 previous customers, they were looking to purchase another Haflinger. Thankfully we were able to have what they were both looking for....for a 2nd time!! We have had several repeat customers and we sure appreciate everyone's business! It is amazing as time goes on the number of repeat customers and referrals. Thank you all!


One of our customers from California recently shared this photo. They were enjoying a drive in Washoe Valley, Nevada due to the John Wayne Wagon Train being cancelled. We sure hope to catch up with her sometime on one of these beautiful drives. 

Look at that background...


Buster, Tony, and Dale headed west to work with individuals doing equine therapy. They will be such assets to the program! We wish the geldings and their new owners the absolute best- 3 super nice geldings. Thank you to our new customers and friends from Idaho!

They are requesting 2 more Haflingers and have referred us to another therapy facility that needs 2

We're always happy to talk with you to help find the horse that's the best match!

Davey, is pictured here with our then 6 year old grandson, Brantley. He was doing a demo for a customer! Davey, was actually sold to a place for therapy. This is the second Haflinger they have purchased from us in less than a year. Now, we've sold 6 for therapy. Therapy horses sure touch my heart...God bless the children and people they can help!

Update 3/2022, I have lost track of therapy horses we have sold. I know of an additional 7 sold to 2 places in 2021. Currently, I have requests for 4 more. These are extra special and I feel so blessed to be a part of the therapy  world.

Be sure to check out the Testimonials page-  it is our greatest pleasure to hear from our clients as they enjoy making memories with their new Haflingers! We struggle and apologize as we don't get all the compliments posted. Such wonderful clients and life long friends we have met while enjoying Haflingers .


Recently we've had 7 phone calls have been grandparents wanting a Haflinger or 2 for their grandchildren. This really says something to me and how they want their  grandchildren to have some of the opportunities they gave their children...EXCITING! 

This happens more and more and it is a different rewarding feeling.


We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to match you up the right Haflinger. We really look forward to talking and meeting new people every day!

Below are some quotes from some of our customers and their new horses. 

These are the pictures that got lost by the technical issue. I'll try to get caught back up.

A Grandpa and Grandma bought their grandson a new gelding, Harlie. Stay tuned when I post the message they sent. It brought a tear to my eye...happy customers!


Recently 2 friends bought Newt and Noble the 3 year old geldings. They were just recently started riding. The lady sent a picture riding Noble in a halter and in love AND pleased!


"These girls are officially in love. I've always given new in horses at least two weeks to settle in...he had us figured out in a few days! We are blessed! He will be a great asset at our church camp."


We went and rode around 3 fields and had a very enjoyable ride. "My kids and grandkids think he (Charlie) is the cutest horse they have ever seen."


Thanks for all your help and the great visit with the Amish community! What an experience-looking forward to working with our new horse and learning to drive. Come down to Texas anytime!

 This couple bought a nice 3 year old gelding, Rex. We met half way in Indiana as they live in Michigan. They drive him 2.5 miles to church. She sent a message, "We looove our boy. Sorry we r missing his head in the photo. Someone else took it when we just got to church." We have stayed friends on Facebook so I continue to see them enjoying Rex!

Another couple of nice geldings enjoying their new place. We delivered them to near, Chicago. We are actually friends as well on Facebook so I enjoy seeing updates on them, also.

"You have made this internet buying experience very easy and professional. Thank you so much for all you have done. I wish you and your family a blessed future!"

"I am so excited -It's like being 15 again and my horse dream is coming true!"

"Thank you so much for your warm welcome during our trip out there. I'm so glad you had Lance to show us! (They purchased plane tickets and Newt sold before they could get here.) I'm so excited to meet him again! He's going to be awesome!!"

Update 4/30/17 "LANCE went in his first dressage test and cones course in his first show! He was an angel! LOVE MY PONY!!! Thank you for having him for me to buy!"

Summer of 2019, Lance won some classes with 40 entries. They are so thrilled in California with him. She continues to excel with Lance! 

Troy's new owner calls him her "Barbie dream horse"

This new owner rode him with such a smile. I think her happiness was really coming from inside. Her daughter already french braided his mane before he was loaded to go to his new home!


Thought this was such a neat picture of a mare in the early morning. She was harnessed ready for the children to drive to school!


Take a look at our variety of horses and let us know what you're looking for so we can help make suggestions


Just thinking back and we have sold Haflingers to 10 veterinarians in 10 different states in the last few years. We think this is a good testament to the quality of our Haflingers we have for sale! I want to add that I've sold 5 Haflingers to folks in their 80's...remarkable people and success stories!


Some customers want to meet us part of the way while others need their horse delivered to their place. We strive for each customer and horse to receive the special attention they deserve!


We hope we can help you find the Haflinger horse you need. Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around, and if you have any comments or questions, please contact us at your convenience.

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