Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers - Your Dream Horse Is Waiting For You Here At Cedar Brook Ridge!
We have several new Haflingers that aren't posted yet...please call or text me so we can chat. 740.606.8431

Truck and trailer will be heading to Missouri real soon, let us know if you need to meet up or delivery

News flash... 

 Roxy just sold for $10,000 at the Mid Ohio Horse Auction! 

Congratulations to the Schlabach family

Some different excitement going on here... 2 Haflingers have gone to different new homes. One is for hippo-therapy and the other is for veterans. We are looking forward to hearing the stories of how people are being helped with our horses...it's a wonderful world! 

I had my heart set on being a physical therapy assistant at 50, until my Mom fell so I withdrew from college to care for her. It was a very hard decision that I don't regret. Yet it really touched me when the lady here was a physical therapist and is going to do hippo-therapy. For a horse to help the veterans who have served our country is so touching as well!

Headed to Tennessee later in October. Let us know if we can bring a horse your way or meet up somewhere. My husband wants to see some chuckwagon races...scares me on TV. LOL!

Now is the time to get your new Haflinger to be ready for fall rides and drives! It's not too early to look for next year's show horse, also!

 It is so enjoyable to get pictures, emails, texts and phone calls about Haflingers we have sold. The relationships with people and horses have truly enhanced our lives.

We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to match you up the right Haflinger. We really look forward to talking and meeting new people every day!

Below are some pictures and quotes from some of our customers and their new horses.

I'm about 6 horses behind on here...people text me then my daughter has to get the pics in the files for the website...sorry

Brody and his new owners from Arizona are quite pleased. She says he is quite the little trail horse..picks his way along VERY nicely, he is a thinker...I really like that!
Pic coming soon!

Grandpa and Grandma from Utah, bought their grandson a new gelding, Harlie. Stay tuned when I post the message they sent. It brought a tear to my eye...happy customers!

The mare, Bonnie that I sold in January has a great home. Her owner keeps in touch. She says that Everyone that meets her loves her. She is a great ambassador for the breed! She claims she wished she'd known of Haflingers earlier. Her mare is so wonderful and not as moody as her  gelding of other breed !
This couple bought a nice 3 year old gelding, Rex. We met half way in Indiana as they live in Michigan. They drive him 2.5 miles to church. She sent a message, "We looove our boy. Sorry we r missing his head in the photo. Someone else took it when we just got to church."

A couple of nice geldings enjoying their new place. We delivered them to near, Chicago.

"You have made this internet buying experience very easy and professional. Thank you so much for all you have done. I wish you and your family a blessed future!"

"I am so excited -It's like being 15 again and my horse dream is coming true!"

"Thank you so much for your warm welcome during our trip out there. He's going to be awesome!!"

Update "LANCE went in his first dressage test and cones course in his first show! He was an angel! LOVE MY PONY!!! Thank you for having him for me to buy!"

"These girls are officially in love.  I've always given new in horses at least two weeks to settle in...he had us figured out in a few days!  We are blessed!  He will be a great asset at our church camp."


Take a look at our variety of horses and let us know what you're looking for so we can help make suggestions

Just thinking back and we have sold Haflingers to 12 veterinarians in 10 different states in the last few years. We think this is a testament to the quality of our Haflingers we have for sale!

Some customers want to meet us part of the way while others need their horse delivered to their place. We strive for each customer and horse to receive the special attention they deserve!


We hope we can help you find the Haflinger horse you need. Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of Haflingers to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around, and if you have any comments or questions, please contact us at your convenience.                    
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