Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers - Beanie AHR 1999 mare - Greenfield, OH
Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers - Your Dream Horse Is Waiting For You Here At Cedar Brook Ridge!
Beanie                                           $4000.00

Click hereto watch a driving video of Miss Beanie. We are very pleased with this mare!

And, now check out a walk-trot riding video of her- click here to watch

After I watched the video I took of Beanie, I noticed she was looking around quite a bit while being saddled. Then I got to wondering if it had been years since she was saddled. Just not sure as the young amish man that had her said he wasn't farming anymore so he didn't need her. Another friend of mine had recommended me to go visit him about his horses...glad I did!

Beanie is 19 years young and registered. We think she will be good for several years in a pleasure environment. She is a pleasant mare.

Brittany, the girl that rides for us says this is a mare to keep for your grandsons!

The more whoa than go kind of Haflinger

A video of her driving with Bobby is posted on the page that says 2 AHR teams.

Beanie is a mare with such a pleasant disposition...she don't have to impress anyone...she's been there and done that. Lol!

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