Cedar Brook Ridge Haflingers - Your Dream Horse Is Waiting For You Here At Cedar Brook Ridge!
Daytona of Shanahan         AHR 33941-17

2017 yearling filly

       Ready for an offer on her so you can get          ready for spring...she'll be 2 years old!

Earlier this summer it was bath day and learning to tie- click here to watch the movie! She is doing real well with our 6 year old grandson feeding, leading and attempting to teach him how to bath. Maybe I shouldn't start with a yearling...they did fine.

Shana is going to be tall...she has long legs!!!

Waiting patiently while watching her learn about being tied. She did real well.

Shana would make a nice project for a teenager that has some knowledge. She's got a nice disposition along with good conformation. I really like her side profile!

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