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6 year old mare                                                                                                                 14.1 hands

Some family friends have been riding her and they asked if they could take her to an upcoming hunter pace event. As you can see (in the video), she did very well! Their quarter horse trainer accompanied them on the pace- she commented on how nice this mare is. She said Barbie handled some of the obstacles better than the seasoned horses did!

The 11 year old daughter had only cantered Barbie one time before going. She loves Barbie (or as they call her, “Waffles”) and says it will be hard to tell this one goodbye. 


Check out these videos of Miss Barbie:

*Riding - CLICK HERE

*Hunter Pace Event - CLICK HERE
*Little bit of this & that - CLICK HERE

Barbie's first hunter pace event...

The girls had been at the American Quarter Horse Congress with their cutting horses and the 11 year old asked if she could take Barbie to a hunter pace event the following weekend. She had only cantered her one time prior to the event - what an experience for Barbie!

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