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These boys are sold & headed north - North to ALASKA!!!

Barney & Jack

13 & 14 year old geldings

Driving and Riding team

14 and 14.1 hands

Drafty type geldings

CLICK HERE to watch a DRIVING VIDEO of these geldings 

Both geldings are currently wing ridden at 2 different farms. One is at a place with 9 & 11 girls doing some arena work. The other is being ridden by a 15 year old Amish boy- we recently saw them riding thru the barnyard, passed chickens, and down to the lake. Both a getting great exposure and experiences….and they do NOT mind being alone (separated from each other).

CLICK HERE for a quick preview video of Jack being lunged and ridden. Safety is so important for us - you’ll notice the ridder just laying on him and kicking her foot around - just part of training (reinforcing patience). 

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