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       2007 AHR gelding   

                            Arnon Elda GTA             AHR 29786-07                            

15 hands


I was so pleased today (early August) to see Bill ridden out of the barn. We just stopped in to drop him off and it worked out to saddle him. Usually, I try to bathe and trim them up some before pictures and videos but that did not happen this time. Bill is a big guy that will go anywhere according to a previous owner! He has a lot of trail miles and also drives well - single or double.

CLICK HERE  to watch the short little impromptu riding video of Bill.

CLICK HERE  to view a driving video of Bill from early August.

Bill was trail ridden at Salt Fork for a couple days. He can lead real well or be anywhere in the midst of other horses. He can walk at different speeds as well!

Bill & Barney driving together with the covered wagon

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