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Billy                                           2007 Gelding

14 hands                                                          $5,000

The grandsons recently said "Grandma, don't sell this one!" after enjoying a ride on Billy. They usually jump out of the car and "have" to go pet him as soon as they arrive at our house. He has a sweet mannerism.

Check out a driving video of Billy by clicking here. As we noted on YouTube, it's been at least one month since his last drive


Click here to view an early August video of our 7 year old grandson leading and riding Billy. Our grandson had not ridden for a while and was somewhat apprehensive. During their last ride his little brother had an episode with their pony. Later Mason explained his concern was he had never ridden a horse with shoes. Billy did real good and we were so pleased with him!

Billy and Annie enjoyed a sunny day ride...bareback. Click here to watch.

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