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2012 Gelding

This gelding is coming back soon! The lady enjoyed

him for 4 years on her farm and trail riding. Her health has changed so i purchased him back. Please contact me for more details.


My husband rode Charlie at Paint Creek State Park. He did great on the trails leading or following, in the water and along the road. Pictures coming soon!


I'm so anxious to get some updates...ball season is over and the grandsons can play with the Haflingers! Love ball, too!


We just discovered this video of Charlie and our 5 year old grandson from last Fall. Click here to watch the video. Both of our grandsons really enjoy Charlie!


Click here to watch a late June walk-trot riding video of Charlie and Brittany.


Mr. Charlie is such a good and cute gelding!!!

Late March video of Charlie and our 7 year old grandson can be viewed by clicking here

Click here to watch a walk-trot riding video from late summer/early fall 2018. 

This gelding hasn't been posted because I was keeping him for our grandsons...well, I've got a few more Haflingers than I should so for now he is for sale. He is such a good size and well mannered little gelding!

Picture from late summer 2018.

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