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12 year old mare                                                                                       14 hands

She is a beautiful mare!

Videos of Chloe being ridden in late November have now posted below. The end of November has had some unseasonably low temps and breezy days - thank goodness for indoor arenas and some occasional sunny days!

Our family friends asked if they could take Chloe to the indoor arena with some of their other horses. Here's some video footage of it - CLICK HERE

You will hear the wind in this outdoor video - CLICK HERE 

Riding at neighbor's indoor arena

The picture above was taken as Chloe is being ridden by a 9 year old girl. This is the first time she rode her and we were at the neighbor's indoor arena. She was riding with 2 other horses being ridden at the same time. They all did well!

She just had a bath and was not quite dry - yet, she looked so pretty

Bath time!

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