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Here is a ​nice gelding for any age!


2013 gelding

14.2 hands


Early April video of Dallas includes 2 different riders. Click here to view.  You'll notice I do a lot of coaching since one rider is new to us and the other is my 7 year old grandson. He is still learning and enjoys riding! Dallas has lost some weight and looks good! This is so frustrating that I need my daughter to add pics and her time is limited. Please contact me if interested, then we will focus on his uodates.

Late November walk-trot riding video of Dallas can be viewed by clicking here.

Nice looking stocky gelding. Rides good for his first time at a walk and trot for our new helper, Linzey. 

Dallas is quiet and sensible.

He drives just as well!

The same guy that owned Sugar, also had Dallas. He called me to buy these 2 Haflingers due to having some health issues. He had sold me a couple Haflingers a couple years ago. Dallas isn't quite as heavy now and has a nice appearance from head to tail!!!

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