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We have a riding video of Davey from late June- this video now includes him at a walk and trot.  It can be viewed by clicking here.

Early June- A potential customer requested we pony Davey to see how he does. Click here to watch our Haflinger Sugar ponying Davey. Our grandson asked if he could ride by himself- we included a little clip of that, too!


55 inches

 2012 gelding


Our 7 year old grandson really enjoyed working with Davey when we went to the neighbor's indoor in late March. You will see him load Davey and we mention that we think it is the first time he's ever loaded a horse. Once we got home he wanted to practice loading and unloading. We went ahead and videoed it just to shows how receptive Davey was of our grandson learning while working with him. Click here to watch the video of them together. 

Davey was recently driven single. He has spent alot of time driving double. Honestly, for now I recommend him as driving double. He rides good yet I wanted to try him driving single...always evaluating!

Beautiful day yet lots of shadows!

Finally got a riding video at the neighbor's arena late November.

Click here to watch

This video is the first time he was saddled and ridden since we owned him. That's why the lead is on him while Brittany is mounting. We try to be as safe as possible. We'd much rather prevent anything than to try to fix a problem later.

More pics and videos to Brittany says, he'd make a nice 4-H horse !

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