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10 year old mare                        14 hands


Oh my! Boys being boys!

We've worked on holding their arms up for balance but they were doing this on their own.

Our grandsons played around on Dondi riding bareback - such a beautiful late March day! 

Click HERE to watch the boys and Dondi.

Here's a video of our 8 year old grandson riding Dondi by himself in the round pen and at the end Brittany jumped on to have a little bareback ride! CLICK HERE to watch this early April movie. 

Dondi and Jimmy did so well driving together for the first time! We took advantage of this beautiful late March day! A video of them driving can be viewed by clicking here.

Please note that the driver was trying to give everyone a "thrill on the hill" and say they stalled when coming back up the hill. Just wanted to clarify in case you don't understand the audio at that point in the video. 

They had a wagon full- 3 adults and 2 kids. Everyone enjoyed the ride and the horses did great!

Dondi with a few Easter flowers in the background

Bring on spring- we are ready!

Dondi is on the left and Jimmy is on the right. 

Big brother leading little brother...

Dondi is a nice mare! She rides and drives (single and double). Dondi has a sweet disposition! She is so nice and easy to handle. 

 A walk-trot riding video that contains some footage of her with a hula hoop, umbrella, and large exercise ball is included, too. CLICK HERE to watch it.

Driving single video of Dondi from mid-to-late February can be viewed by clicking here. As we noted in the YouTube text, this includes 2 different days of driving in this one video. 

First time my Amish friend drove her he took his children to school...that tells me he trusts her!

** A walk-trot video with two different riders can be watched by CLICKING HERE **

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