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It's always fun to reminisce and think of the Haflingers that have been on our farm...

Tara, AHR 4 year old mare, 14.2 hands is currently in riding training full time...nice, classy, sporty mare!

Buddy, 6 year old grade gelding...details coming soon!

Jimmy, Corbin and Dino all 3 super nice geldings sold direct without being posted...I'm too slow!

11 year old riding gelding just arrived. Needs to be evaluated. He is really cute! SOLD

We have a new 6 year old gelding Davey!

Sold and delivered really quick

Ella, 3 year old drives and will start riding soon~ Love this mare just want to say she has some black in her tail as a FYI

Betsy, 14 year old driving mare and is now riding around the farm.

3 new registered yearlings...filly and 2 stud colts to be gelded soon! 2 gelded and all 3 sold before they got a page. 

That's what friends are for, sharing the love of Haflingers.

3 ladies bought the 3 yearlings!

Dolly and Dottie have both been sold as well! The mares went to 2 different nice homes.

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