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Money Penny Mandy WP


AHR 24802-04

13.1 hands


Pending delivery, Tuesday

Click here for a video of our grandson working with & getting a riding lesson on Lani from one of the girls that work for us

Mid-September walk-trot riding video of Lani - click here to view

Click here to watch Lani and Kami (10 year old girl) doing some basic groundwork/showmanship.

Walk-trot riding video of Lani and 10 year old Kami- click here to watch

Pretty, sweet and small mare! Her previous owner passed away. This was such a different experience.

I felt a part of his belated wife left him again when we picked this mare up.

I'm guessing the previous owner was close to 70. That tells me she's a nice little mare!

Everyone really enjoys riding Lani!

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