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Aston Martin GF                                 "Marty"                                2017 AHR Gelding

15 hands               $8000.00

Marty being ridden while a team of Belgians work the hay field

Spring photo of Marty


(words that have recently been used to describe Marty)

A mid-June walk, trot, and canter video of  Marty can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

Check out Marty in this early April riding video- watch by clicking here.

Late fall (2019) walk, trot, and canter riding  video of Marty can be viewed by CLICKING HERE 

CLICK HERE to watch a walk-trot riding video of Marty. 

This gelding has so much potential! This guy is something him and let him take you places!

Every time I look at this gelding I wonder why he is for sale...I think he should be a keeper for a 4-H project for my oldest grandson...hmm?

Such a pretty boy!

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