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AHR Gelding Team

A day at Paint Creek State Park

We took these geldings to Paint Creek State Park in early July- it was a great day for the horses and us!

They both did very well leading or following on the trails. Several pictures posted a little lower and check out our video by clicking here

Our 7 year old grandson spent some time leading the team (individually). Here's a pic with Rozzi.

Late March pictures of Rozzi and Reno

Reno and Rozzi got an early spring mid March, workout by helping prepare the garden. Click here to see them in action. 

Rozzi and Reno are shown in this video driving 2 different days in two different settings. Click here to watch it. Our daughter expressed an interest in learning to drive a team and this is her getting her first lesson. There was a big curve and they were coming down a hill. She says they turned nicely for her. She says she enjoyed driving them and is looking forward to driving more! These 13 & 14 year old AHR geldings are traffic safe. We were hoping to drive them in the local Christmas parade but our weather did not cooperated. Both geldings are broke to ride, too! 

Reno seen here from late March

We are posting this picture of Rozzi's front feet for a potential customer to view.  

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