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Mid-May Sugar and a passing school bus 

The school bus happened to be driving down the road, too! You just never know what you might pass on the narrow country roads.

                         SUGAR                                                                                             2009 mare

14.1+ hands                                 $5500

Late March picture of Sugar

We finally had a beautiful sunny day! Just a quick head shot after we played at the neighbor's indoor arena for a bit with Sugar and a couple others. 

Click here to watch a video of our 7 year old grandson working on his basic showmanship skills with Sugar. She was very cooperative and patient with him. 

Early April video walk-trot video of Sugar in our round pen. It is still very muddy but we had to take advantage of the nice weather! Click here to watch the video. 

Mid-to-late February Sugar and Brittany riding in the neighbor's indoor arena- click here to watch

Click here to watch a mid-to-late October riding video of Sugar and Brittany. This is the first time Brittany rode her and it was such a windy day. We were trying to take advantage of a pretty fall day

Pretty mare and a nice responsive mare to ride. Brittany was impressed on her first ride walking and trotting. She also drives yet she could use more training.

An older man called me and wanted to sell Dallas and Sugar. He is having some health issues.

Sugar is on the right and Dallas is to the left.

Sugar was ridden on trails in late November and did real well!

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