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13 year old gelding                                                              $6000

A fun collage of Tony pictures! My daughter worked some showmanship with him the other evening and said he did well. He is very easy going, yet trots when asked; has a nice response to being asked to stop, set up, and back. He's a sweet guy!!!

Here's a video of Tony being driven. It was a brisk winter (January) day- definitely felt like winter but we've had some pretty mild day winter days here lately. CLICK HERE  to watch Tony being harnessed, hitched, and driven. 

Mid-January afternoon with Tony-  CLICK HERE  to watch this Tony video that's packed with lots of experiences for potential buyers to view- everything from the rider moving him out at a trot, her playing with Tony with a ball and hula hoop... to my grandson playing with him with a sack tied to the end of a whip. As noted in the YouTube description, the arena has been worked and is now a little deeper than normal.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Tony being ridden at the neighbor's indoor arena. As you will notice, we have combined videos from 2 different riders into the one video. This little guy is as cute and safe as they make them! He is available due to the owner's advanced age and their decision to close the facility. 

Our grandsons enjoyed grooming, leading and loving on him....

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